Farina Adriano, established in 1967 and operating on the market since then, manufactures precision mechanical components.

Precision mechanical components

Precision Mechanical Tooling

Our production site is located in Cantù, in the province of Como. We design and manufacture steel and metal moulds such as conventional blanking, transfer, block, progressive, sector-shaped, bending, drawing and punching ones, as well as columned press blocks.

Moreover, we manufacture milled, turned and electrically discharged components on behalf of a third party. Apart from the aforementioned services, we provide the Italian and foreign market with the following ones: design and manufacture of shearing moulds, fulfilment of any request thanks to the support of a 3D software, carrying out prototypes and pre-series production, shearing on behalf of third parties.

Farina Adriano has the technological and professional resources to give customers personalized products.


Our Product Lines

Design and manufacture of moulds

we are specialized in manufacturing sheet metal progressive moulds, as well as block, sector-shaped, bending, drawing and punching ones

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Shearing and drawing on behalf of a third party

we have at our disposal shearing machines up to 400 tons and hydraulic presses for any production need

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Stainless chimney flue components

wall brackets and rain hats with a diameter ranging from 80 to 500 mm, wall spacers, bracket pairs

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Mechanical machining on behalf of third parties

milling, turning, grinding, electrical discharge machining and micro-drilling

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